Hey Momma, I see you.

I know. I know. Everyone talks about how motherhood changes you, and how your perspective shifts.

But you guys, here’s the thing.

It. Does.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a lot of the things I used to love, and I still am passionate about my goals and driven.

But I’ve learned to balance keeping a clean and tidy house (thank you Dustbunny Cleaning for the deep cleans I would be lost without you), and simply snuggling and enjoying my girl in the moment.

Honestly time is FLYING by, and I dont want to miss these moments because I was so worried about picking up every tiny piece of the toy that my dog Elli just shredded, or scrubbing every surface after making dinner.

Momma, I want you to know that these days are important. And that these days won’t last.

I know some days you feel like the world is swallowing you whole, and like you arent good enough, but news flash-you are MORE than enough.

You are an amazing mom even when you don’t feel like it.

You are a child of God, hand picked by Him to love on your precious baby.

You are a wonderful friend even if you can’t drop everything to be there for everyone all the time now that you have a baby.

You are a deserving spouse and you deserve the love you receive from your spouse.

You will get through this stage, and someday your house will be clean again. And when that day comes, you’ll miss this day you have today.

Soak in the snuggles, and love your little baby.

Momma, I see you- taking the time to do the best you can.

l e x i e n o e l l e u n d e m