Date Night At Home

How to have the best date night at home:

… grab your spouse and have a date.

Just kidding, but also I’m not. While I’m going to give you a few date ideas and share a date idea we brought to life- your perfect date night is just that– YOURS.

One of the most important things when it comes to an at home date night is to set expectations and communicate what you want out of the date. These expectations make the night special and keep you in the “date” mood so it doesn’t become a night just like any other.

Date Night Ideas

Here are just a few of my favorite date nights we have done since spending more time at home

A Few Tips

  • Dress up, or dress down for a comfy date, but most importantly change for it. This helps set a date mindset
  • Put away electronic devices, and focus on your significant other, be present
  • Do something outside of your normal “night in”
  • Take turns planning it.
    • My husband and I rotate months so one night a month we have a designated date night, and we take turns planning or coming up with the ideas

Our Date Night

One of my favorite date nights since COVID started was our night in, date night with our little family. It was one of our last special items we did before we said our goodbye to our sweet German shepherd, Nikita.

Using an air mattress and random sheets and blankets from around the house we created our fort, and added some rope lights to set the mood
Dad and all the girls had to test it out

Honestly, the date was so easy and simple and after my daughter went to bed my husband and I stayed up and watched a few movies and had some snacks snuggled up.

What’s next?

Talk with your SO and plan your next great, at home date night and check out my friends blogs for some more great tips and ideas!