Self Care Tips for Mommas

1. Define what your self care looks like.

Everyone finds different things relaxing, and different things promote their own growth. What does self care look like for you? And not just a temporarily “feel good” self-care. What really boosts you, fills your soul, renews you? Take time. Write down ideas, and when you have narrowed them down pick your favorites. Maybe you stick with your go-tos like me, self-care is going to the gym, spending time with my friends, and taking long, hot baths spending time reading my Bible.

Your self-care may look very different than the next persons.

2. Make a plan.

“The best laid schemes of mice and men Go oft awry.”

Robert Burns

Well intentions only get so far. You can “plan” to take care of yourself and never get around to it. Make this a non-negotiable item. Treat it like you would any other appointment, and schedule it regularly. Not only show up for it, but be present. If your phone is a distraction, shut it off. Make this a regular part of your routine and return to your day-to-day worries refreshed and driven to tackle the obstacles you will undoubtedly face.

3. Actually do the self care.

As a new mom, it has been SUPER overwhelming to take care of myself on top of learning to balance all my other priorities. The old saying goes that you cant pour from an empty cup, and thats the truth. If you are constantly running on “E,” it will make all of your other day-to-day tasks more difficult, too. So, prioritize yourself.

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