The Undem Family Adventures

The Undem Family Adventures, officially established in September 2018, is a capture of the love and experiences of Shane, Lexie, and Carolynn Rose.

A little bit of positivity and motivation, recipes, and products we love and believe in are a few things you can expect to see here.

Collaboration opportunities available!

Self Care Tips for Mommas

1. Define what your self care looks like. Everyone finds different things relaxing, and different things promote their own growth. What does self care look like for you? And not just a temporarily “feel good” self-care. What really boosts you, fills your soul, renews you? Take time. Write down ideas, and when you have narrowed […]

Date Night At Home

How to have the best date night at home: … grab your spouse and have a date. Just kidding, but also I’m not. While I’m going to give you a few date ideas and share a date idea we brought to life- your perfect date night is just that– YOURS. One of the most important […]

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