Hey Momma, I see you.

I know. I know. Everyone talks about how motherhood changes you, and how your perspective shifts.

But you guys, here’s the thing.

It. Does.

Now don’t get me wrong, I still love a lot of the things I used to love, and I still am passionate about my goals and driven.

But I’ve learned to balance keeping a clean and tidy house (thank you Dustbunny Cleaning for the deep cleans I would be lost without you), and simply snuggling and enjoying my girl in the moment.

Honestly time is FLYING by, and I dont want to miss these moments because I was so worried about picking up every tiny piece of the toy that my dog Elli just shredded, or scrubbing every surface after making dinner.

Momma, I want you to know that these days are important. And that these days won’t last.

I know some days you feel like the world is swallowing you whole, and like you arent good enough, but news flash-you are MORE than enough.

You are an amazing mom even when you don’t feel like it.

You are a child of God, hand picked by Him to love on your precious baby.

You are a wonderful friend even if you can’t drop everything to be there for everyone all the time now that you have a baby.

You are a deserving spouse and you deserve the love you receive from your spouse.

You will get through this stage, and someday your house will be clean again. And when that day comes, you’ll miss this day you have today.

Soak in the snuggles, and love your little baby.

Momma, I see you- taking the time to do the best you can.

l e x i e n o e l l e u n d e m

Skin Care Routine

You guys, as some of you know I’ve been dabbling some in Instagram influencing, and I have to say that I am BEYOND obsessed with this new skin care line that was gifted to me.

Derma E

Anti-aging line
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • And absolutely NO
    • 🚫 parabens
    • 🚫 sulfates
    • 🚫 petrolatum
    • 🚫 mineral oils
    • And more junk you DONT need

It has all the good stuff your skin needs, and none of the rest.

I’m not lying when I say my skin feels softer and brighter when I’m using it.

And it doesn’t have harsh chemicals for an overpowering scent, so it has a wonderful soft and subtle smell.

My personal favorite is the night cream, I put it on before bed and my skin looks brighter with reduced lines every time.

The best way to treat fine lines and wrinkles is to prevent them, so while I don’t have a ton of wrinkles now, I’m taking care of my skin to keep them away

Go grab yourself one of their lines by clicking below

Thanks for tuning in, as always.

l e x i e n o e l l e u n d e m

Family Photos

Does your family take family photos? Growing up that wasn’t something we really did as my mother hated photos of herself.

If I’m being brutally honest, I’m MUCH more out of shape then I would like to be, that being said, I want my daughter to have lots of photos to look back on.

It sad to think some day photos are the only thing our family will have left of us.


I dont ever want to look back and wish I had more photos and memories of these days.

So take the dang pictures.

Even when your daughter won’t do anything but stick her tongue her tongue out at you…

Thanks for tuning in πŸ’•πŸŒ»

Love Story

If you haven’t already heard the story of how Shane and I got to where we are now, then be prepared to get hit right in the feels.

When Shane and I were kids, we met at church camp.

I know, I know, cheesy.

We became BEST FRIENDS where I firmly kept him for 7 or so years… poor guy.

After 7 years, I realized that my life was so, so much better with him in it and began driving to Fargo, where he was attending college to see him more and more. We went out on our first date at Red Lobster,–classy, I know–and he used his plasma donation card to pay (I joke it was blood money, he’s not impressed).

After some tough conversations, Shane decided to move to Dickinson to continue our relationship, and wrestle for DSU.

Fast forward a few months, Shane doesn’t find school to be a good fit and begins working full time, and we buy a house-winter of 2015.

January of 2017 Shane tied a cute little box to Nikita, our rescue German Shepherd dog’s collar and sent her to me to propose.

Low quality photo, high quality memory

September 1st, 2018 we said our I Do’s with a big party of all our friends and family.

Photo creds: Krystal Kester
Photo creds: Taylor Dawn Photography

And I’ve been a little MIA from the blogging world because we welcomed the newest Undem on May 14th, 2020 πŸ₯°

Carolynn Rose 🌹

Why I chose to start Blogging

First off–thank you guys SO much for the support. It literally means the world.

If you’ve followed me on social media, you have seen some of my DIY projects, my recipes/lack thereof when cooking & baking, and all things faith and inspirational. If you are just joining in I want to give you a little back story on the important things in my life.

  1. I have a super crazy, complicated family
    • Like, don’t even bother trying to keep up with all my siblings and cousins, you will probably just get confused.
  2. I am a dog mom of two rescue pooches.
    • Nikita, a german shepherd who is somewhere around the 8 year mark (we think)
    • Benelli, a “black mouth cur” aka mutt–who is a little over two and 55 pounds of pure psycho, toy shredding, obsessive kisses monster.
  3. I enjoy lots of busy hobbies. I like gardening, crafting/DIYing (much to my husbands annoyance), reading, going to the gym, and just about anything else in between.

Perhaps the most important aspect of my life, though, is my husband Shane.

Cheesy, right? Brutally honest.

Shane and I met at church camp somewhere around the 6th grade/7th grade mark. Well actually, we met at another church event that was a weekend long trip to South Dakota–but I don’t remember meeting him (sorry hunny).

Summer after summer, Shane and I would be inseparable from the moment we met up at camp until the goodbyes the last day. The same thing would follow suite at the variety of other church activities throughout the years.

LITTLE DID I KNOW that Shane was actually secretly in love with me for, well, years. And as we grew older his strengths and dependability became something I admired more and more.

When we got to college, I visited Shane at Concordia with our friend Kenzie, and Shane came to visit me over homecoming with a friend who also had friends at Dickinson State University.

We used to have this pact that if neither of us were married by the age of 30 we were just going to elope and marry each other.

So, we did the distance thing for about six months, Shane transferred to Dickinson State and we began our lives truly together.

October 2015 we put an offer in on a house in Dickinson.

The housing market here was OUT OF CONTROL and we wanted to get away from the high rent prices, so we purchased our home and rescued Nikita a few short months later.

After about a year in the house together, Shane tied a box to Kita’s collar and proposed to me at home.

We were married September 1st, 2018, but it was just the next step in our big adventures together.

Sounds pretty great, right? Remember that these are just highlights. There were tough times, lots of yelling (on my part) and quite a few tears (also on my part) for us to become stronger and truly equal partners. More to come on that later.

So, why did I start blogging?

Shane has ALWAYS pushed me to be a better person. He has loved me when I was hard to love, and taught me so much about growth and focusing on what I enjoy doing. And, one of the things that I most enjoy doing is helping others.

So, what I am here for is to share the real world.

Call it a lifestyle blog, a DIY blog, a faith blog, a motivational blog–you name it. My aim is to remind others that we have this natural tendency towards comparison. I get it, I do it too–what if I was prettier? What if I was nicer to that person when I was stressed? What if I was smarter?

It is time to stop comparing someone’s best to your every day. What you see on social media isn’t the struggles most people go through, its their triumphs and their highlights.

Your triumphs and highlights are pretty great, too.

This is your reminder that we are all unique, and we all have room to grow. The person that my husband fell in love with fifteen years ago is no where near the person that I am today, but I sure hope she would be proud of the growth I have made.

Everyone says “we are all perfect in our own way” but we aren’t,; we are flawed its okay to admit those flaws.

Its more than okay to want to change the bad things you don’t like about yourself.

Take the next week to focus on ONE positive thing you can do to improve your daily life.

Wake up five minutes earlier and make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. Read a new book. Take a ten minute walk around the block.

Make each day better than the last.

Thanks again for sticking around so far.