Last Minute Easter Basket Ideas

Its someBUNNYs first easter… you see what I did there?

Carolynn Rose is almost 11 months old, so no candy in her basket but I did want to share a bit of what she is getting this weekend to give you any last minute basket ideas. So many people had said that Easter snuck up on them this year, and if you are one of them hopefully this gives you some inspiration to go grab what you need.

Carolynn’s basket includes:

Bunny-rope basket

Flamingo hoodie towel

Cute, first real hair brush

Wooden pacifier clip

Rainbow teething toy


Easter books

And some cute new onesies for the spring!!

My parents always hid our Easter baskets in our house, one time I even found a basket in the shower hanging from the shower head. It was always a fun little activity Easter morning in addition to attending church with my grandparents.

Once she’s a little bit older we would throw some chocolate and jelly beans in there, too!

Tell me in the comments below if your family has any fun easter traditions!

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